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Helping Cities to Improve Air Quality

Clean Emissions

Everyone has the right to breathe clean air. GasCab provides an immediate solution to reduce the most harmful emissions to public health.


Fast refuelling. No range anxiety. LPG is the 3rd most used road fuel globally. 90% of Tokyo's taxi fleet have been running on LPG for over 30 yrs!

Driver Wellbeing

Not only will drivers benefit from breathing cleaner air, their cabs are transformed to a quieter working place with less vibration whilst driving.

"Pollution benefits, economic benefits... You're making a massive difference to the environment"

Steve Law, part of the Birmingham NOx Reduction Champions Project

How does it work?

We replace the polluting diesel engine with a brand new Petrol LPG engine offering Euro 6 emission levels.

The cab is then fully tested and placed onto the national UKLPG register. The component details are submitted to CVRAS and will appear on the National Retrofit Database which is readily available for the ANPR cameras in your City.

Emissions tested at renowned testing facilities including Millbrook Proving Ground, Mira, TUV (Germany) gaining Euro 6 approval. Certified by the Energy Saving Trust CVRAS Scheme.


To discuss further, please call 020 3026 2150 or complete the enquiry form 

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