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Information for Birmingham drivers

Approved by Birmingham City Council

for TXII and TX4.

Birmingham Clean Air Zone brum breathes.

On 1st June 2021, Birmingham's Clean Air Zone (CAZ) will be introduced to improve air quality (note: start date delayed due to coronavirus).

Pollution caused by vehicles has a harmful effect on the health of people living, working and studying in the city.

Taxis and private hire vehicles, powered by diesel, must be Euro 6 (VI) emission standard or better to avoid the daily charge to enter the CAZ. 

Drivers can convert their non Euro 6 cabs to our Euro 6 LPG engine with a £5,000 grant


What's included?

Brand new 2.0L turbo petrol,/LPG engine featuring our latest GEN3 system, cooling system, exhaust, catalytic converter, radiator, full tank of LPG and Petrol, testing, wheelchair ramp cover, tyre repair kit, 2year/80k mile warranty. UKLPG certification and CVRAS registration.

Air conditioning is not currently available (see FAQs).

£13,800 inc VAT*



from Birmingham City Council (Total cost post grant = £8,800 inc VAT)

Applications for the grant scheme are now open!

Click on the button below to go to the Birmingham City Council website to complete the form (opens in new window).

1ST GENERATION (2016 - 2017) 

65 cabs were converted in Birmingham as part of a National Trial.

2ND GENERATION (2017 - 2021)

Following the successful trial, the product was upgraded for a national rollout. The engine was rebuilt by hand, with the installation of dedicated LPG valve seats for lifetime durability.

3RD GENERATION (June 2021)

GEN3 is launched with major enhancements to the LPG system, software and performance.  

Benefits include an improved fuel economy (LPG & Petrol), even quieter and smoother drive, greater throttle response, new radiator (no cap), reduced engine temperature (by 10°C), widely available servicing components, full EOBD diagnostic plug in for system access (e.g. AA/RAC).

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The vehicle must be in a good condition to be converted. For example, the gearbox should be in good working order and the boot space free of rust as this is where the LPG tank is secured. The grant scheme is not available to drivers who previously had a cab converted under the national pilot scheme. Please contact the council if in doubt.


We will start repowering cabs as soon as the grant funds are available (expected mid 2020), on a first come, first serve basis. To reserve your place on the waiting list, a £1,000 deposit is required (fully refundable if for any reason you do not proceed). We will contact drivers to advise on the earliest availability, aiming to give at least 2/3 weeks notice.


On the agreed date, bring your cab and V5 document to our conversion facility in Alcester (B49 6EX). An initial payment of £5,000 is required before we start work, at which point we notify the council that your cab is being repowered. This enables the council to complete the necessary administration to issue the grant funding.


The installation is typically completed within 8 working days, from removing the diesel engine to the final checks and road test.


We take care of all the paperwork, registering the conversion with the UKLPG and providing all the necessary documentation to send to the DVLA.


When the installation is complete, we provide a demonstration on how the system works and how to refuel. The remaining balance is taken.

Drivers must contact the council directly in order to receive their £5,000 grant, which is paid in full once the conversion has been completed and paid for by the driver.

To secure your position on the waiting list, please pay your £1,000 deposit using the link below.

For general questions or further information, please get in touch.