LPG Retrofit

by Vehicle Repowering Solutions

We provide an immediate solution to improve air quality by repowering the iconic black cab with a Euro-6 LPG engine.

Available for TXII & TX4

By removing the polluting diesel engine and replacing it with our brand new Petrol-LPG engine, we significantly reduce some of the most health harming pollutants including PM (up to 99%) and NOx (up to 97%).


Verified by independent tests at MIRA & Millbrook and approved by the Clean Vehicle Retrofit Accreditation Scheme (CVRAS).


20-30% Fuel Saving

The average price of LPG (Autogas) is just 65p per litre. The current fuel duty differential guarantees savings until 2032. 


A quieter, smoother drive with less vibration and equal levels of power.

reduced emissions

Significantly reduces the most health harming pollutants, meeting Euro 6 emission standards 



80ltrs of LPG giving 240 - 400 miles + a reserve petrol tank 


Quick and easy to refuel and no change to the way you drive.


Increased operating licenses offered by some local authorities.



What's included?

Brand new 2.0L turbo petrol,/LPG engine featuring our latest GEN3 system, cooling system, exhaust system, catalytic converter, radiator, full tank of LPG and Petrol, testing, wheelchair ramp cover, tyre repair kit, 2year/80k mile warranty. Plus, we'll take care of all the paperwork, registering the conversion with the UKLPG and sending off the amended V5 document to the DVLA.

Air conditioning is not currently available (see FAQs for further info).

£13,800 inc VAT*


*Grants available in Birmingham, London & Scotland (see below for further details)

1ST GENERATION (2016 - 2017) 

65 cabs were converted in Birmingham as part of a National Trial.

2ND GENERATION (2017 - 2021)

Following the successful trial, the product was upgraded for a national rollout. The engine was rebuilt by hand, with the installation of dedicated LPG valve seats for lifetime durability.

3RD GENERATION (June 2021)

GEN3 is launched with major enhancements to the LPG system, software and performance.  

Benefits include an improved fuel economy (LPG & Petrol), even quieter and smoother drive, greater throttle response, new radiator (no cap), reduced engine temperature (by 10°C), widely available servicing components, full EOBD diagnostic plug in for system access (e.g. AA/RAC).

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