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Refuelling Guide

There are 2 main types of refuelling guns used in the UK. The below videos provide a demonstration for both.


  • If you're unsure, every pump will have step-by-step instructions.

  • You cannot overfill the tank, it will automatically shut off.

  • A small amount of gas will disperse when you disconnect the gun. It is extremely cold, ensure you keep your hands clear, particularly if the guard is missing.

  • Don't forget to put the filler cap back on.

  • Remember to disconnect the gun before you drive off.

Changeover Procedure

Our latest systems (GEN3 / GEN4) can operate full time on LPG or Petrol at the press of a button.

We advise that the cab is started in petrol mode from a cold start, e.g. at the beginning of the day, before switching to LPG mode when the temperature gauge has reached half way. 

Please watch the video for a demonstration on how to operate the switch.

NOTE: The LPG changeover switch provides information on how much LPG you have in the tank. The fuel gauge on the dash is for the petrol tank.

Servicing Centres

We have several Service Centres trained to deal with enquiries, servicing and warranty requests. Please contact a centre prior to visiting to ensure that everything can be handled as smoothly as possible.

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