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If your TX4 cab was fitted with our earlier generation system (1st & 2nd), it is now possible to upgrade to our latest 3rd generation system (GEN3). At a later date, it will also be possible to upgrade to our GEN4 system, however this will be more expensive as it will require changing the engine. Our latest GEN4 system uses a Ford 2.5l Duratec engine. 


1st/2nd Generation (with GM Engine)


GEN3 System (with GM Engine)


The GEN3 system features major upgrades to the Petrol & LPG system, as well as other components such as the radiator. The system software and overall performance have greatly improved, with an even quieter & smoother drive, greater throttle response, reduced engine temperature, widely available servicing components & full EOBD diagnostic plug in for system access (e.g. AA).

GEN3 features dual fuel operation. Unlike the previous generations, where petrol is used as an emergency or start up fuel only, GEN3 is designed to operate on LPG or petrol full time. This means that GEN3 cabs can have a larger petrol tank installed

(NOTE: Larger tank not currently approved for London). 


The previous generation system is stripped from the engine. The new GEN3 components are installed, these parts include a new single ECU, wiring loom, LPG components (injectors, regulator, solenoid, changeover switch etc), petrol injectors, petrol tank, petrol and LPG fuel lines, fuel filters, catalytic converter, lambda sensors, intercooler and more.   


Upgrade to GEN3 with standard 15ltr petrol tank size 

£6,000 inc VAT (fitted)

Upgrade to GEN3 with larger 40ltr petrol tank size 

£6,480 inc VAT (fitted)

The upgrade should take no longer than 2 days but cannot be guaranteed. The larger petrol tanks are made to order and may take 3 - 4 weeks to supply. 

To proceed, contact VRS on 020 3026 2150 to order your upgrade with a £1,000 booking deposit (non-refundable).

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