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Approved by TfL 

Tackling air pollution is a public health priority for London. Diesel powered taxis are a significant contributor to poor air quality so to combat this, TfL are incentivising cab drivers to switch to cleaner fuels.


By repowering your cab to our Euro 6 LPG engine, TfL will award an extension to the life of your cab and will help pay towards the cost of the conversion for TX4's with the Euro 5 engine.

The maximum operating age for non Euro 6 cabs is being reduced to 12 years. Newly converted cabs will retain a 15 year age limit.

What is included?

Brand new 2.0L turbo petrol-LPG engine, featuring our latest GEN4 system, specifically adapted to operate on LPG.

Including a brand new exhaust system, catalytic converter, radiator, full tank of LPG and Petrol, testing, wheelchair ramp cover, tyre repair kit, 2year/80k mile warranty, CVRAS & UKLPG registration.

TX4 Euro 4 Owners 

Cost: £13,800 inc VAT (£11,500 + VAT)

TX4 Euro 5 Owners 

Cost: £8,800 inc VAT*

*When using the £5,000 grant scheme

(paid post retrofit)

Applying for the grant

The full terms and conditions & up to date licensing rules can be found on the TfL website by clicking on the link below. If you intend to claim for the £5k grant, we advise that you check you are eligible for the grant before you go ahead with the retrofit. 


A minimum £2,000 deposit is required to book in.

The vehicle must be in a suitable condition for the retrofit e.g. the boot area should be free of rust.


The installation takes place at our workshop in Alcester.

£5,000 is paid on (or before) the cab is dropped off, with the remaining balance due on collection.


When the retrofit has been completed, the cab is ready for collection.


We'll provide a demonstration on how the system operates and how to refuel.  


We submit the evidence of the retrofit to the licensing team.

The £5k grant for Euro 5 owners is paid to the cab owner on completion and full payment of the retrofit.

Installation Centre

Vehicle Repowering Solutions Ltd 

22 Tything Road,



B49 6EX

Servicing & repairs currently takes place at Stanway Engineering in Chingford. Further servicing/installation centres can be added for taxi specialists interested in our training scheme. 

To book in, the £1,000 deposit can be paid by bank transfer (our preferred method), by card over the phone or by using the link below.
For general questions or further information, please get in touch.

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